Statement of Intent.

IMG_0682Black. Darkness. Overcast.


By looking at my practice people often think I just have an unhealthy obsession with black. This wouldn’t be wrong to say, but it is consequently much more than that. The process is a highly important part of my work – one could argue that it is the work. The process is important as it demonstrates the hardship that has gone into such works. Sometimes it can take days on end requiring much hardship and willpower – sometimes resulting in causing both mental and physical ailments. But this is the necessary measures to take to mirror connotations with the realms of mental health.


Throughout my life I have struggled with various mental health disorders that heavily impacted on the way I look at the world and how I cope with things. Throughout my time at Grays this has always been an underlying focus to my practice – however in the past I did not demonstrate it in the way that which I would have liked. It became too cliché and that was not what I wanted.


My aim for this final year is to continue to explore the depths of depression and other similar illnesses experimenting with a range of different media to create and overwhelming experience for the audience which cannot be escaped from easily. In terms of research I will be focusing on the origins of depression and how treatments have progressed to ones such as Art Therapy. My practice works as a therapy helping me escape the everyday stresses that cause such disruption and unhappiness.


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