Film Still of Take 1

My outcome was to experiment with destroying the polystyrene.

(It would have been a full film, if only my camera battery had not have died. Hence why it is only take 1.)


As I previously mentioned, as soon as I discovered this was going to be a tough material to work with – I knew I wanted to work with it.

I was just playing around with the idea of destroying the object with my bare hands as I feel like there is a running theme throughout my work anyway, to do with the idea that is is all by a human. It is all natural in the sense it is made my me – and it os obvious that it is made by me. There are no machines involved, it is just me. Just my instinctive ideas and spontaneous ways of movement that creates the work.


To create the film I used my SLR Canon Camera with a clicker that automatically snapped a photo every 2 seconds. So this trial run of my film is made up of 649 images.

I will be continuing this film and doing what I did in one sitting, no breaks no nothing. However, the problem really is finding the time where I have a full free day to do this because I estimate it will take me between 7 and 9 hours because this small test of the film took just under 2 hours.

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